Wednesday, October 6, 2010

All Finished With the Chocolate Brown and Teal Children's Aprons!

I bought a yard of each of the two types of fabrics used to make the children's aprons below and was able to make four aprons, and I still have some scrap fabric to work with for other projects. Here are the others I made. They are all different. I am finished with the children's aprons for a little while and will be moving on to adult aprons next!


  1. cute apron! it reminds me of the blue and brown vera bradley print. found you on the blog hop. stop by if you get a chance.

  2. These look awesome!! I might have to steal your idea and make an apron or two b/c I have so much fabric. Patterns can definitely be overwhelming. You can find patterns that are labeled "easy". Simplicity makes a lot of them. I started with a pajama pant pattern. Pants are probably the easiest thing to make. You have a girl, so your possibilities are endless. Pillowcase dresses are really easy. And since you liked attaching the ribbon to the burp cloths, you can do the same to onesies and make little matching sets with a hair bow. I could talk forever about sewing. lol I am glad you are enjoying it.

  3. New follower from the Friday blog hop! I've just started sewing, and so I love the tutorials! Glad to have come across your blog...

    Om...And Then Some