Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My First Attempt at Sewing a Little Girl's Dress

Tonight I decided I needed to try to use up all of my fabric that I have before I go out and purchase anything new. I was asked if I was interested in a craft fair coming up at the end of October and I think I may give it a try. It may tell me what's hot and what's not! :) Here is all of the fabric I need to get creative with! I have used all of the patterns so far, this is just leftover fabric.

I wanted to try to make a little girls dress.

This is the dress from Kohl's that I already had that I used for the pattern. *I did not make the green dress! I hope to get there someday!

While I was sewing, I almost sewed up the arm holes and neck hole, just because I'm so used to turning pillows and bags inside out. Luckily I caught myself before I did it. Here is what it looked like.

Then I had decided to try it on my daughter and realized I had forgotten to sew the seams on the arms, the neck, and the bottom. I had only sewed up the sides, so I had to go back and fix my mistake. You can see the straps are much skinnier now, and next time I hope that they are a little more rounded, like in the photo above.

It can be a summer dress or you can put a long sleeve shirt under it for the fall/winter, like I did below.

And, here is my little girl throwing a fit after Mommy made her try it on!!! She was not very happy with me!


  1. the picture of your daughter is great! made me laugh out loud. great job on your first dress!

  2. Looks great, especially for your first attempt!

  3. Very cute! Nice job. I'm just popping in from Welcome Wednesday and am now following your lovely blog. Stop by when you get a chance!
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  4. Isn't that just like a girl?!!! Seriously, congratulations on your first dress!!! I think you did a great job! I have 4 girls and I remember the days of making dress after dress for them.
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  5. Hi, Very Cute!!! You did a nice job!

    Just stopping by from the Wednesday Blog Hop and following your blog.


  6. GREAT job! I'm now following you! Keep the great projects coming!

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