Thursday, October 28, 2010

Craft Fair Craziness

I am participating in my very first craft fair this Saturday. I really do not know what I have gotten myself into! I have been in production overload just to have some inventory, but I do have to say that it has been an adventure and has been so fun learning how to sew and come up with cute items. I still have a ways to go in learning, but wanted to show you what things look like when you are trying to rush to get items completed by a certain day.

This was after I had finished my final apron for the craft fair. Things had literally piled up and my table was a disaster! Thread pieces and scrap fabric were everywhere. You can also see that I invested in the larger cutting mat for larger items. I already love it.

(Ahhh!) I can find things a little easier now!


  1. Best of luck on your first fair. I think you'll do great with your items. I have contemplated the idea of doing a fair but.....can't wait to hear what your thoughts are when it's said and done

  2. Good Luck at the craft fair!

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  4. Hi there! You have cute stuff! Great job! Stopping over from the blog hop! Now following along!

  5. Good luck at the craft fair! I did one last christmas and it was crazy getting ready for it. We only had a few weeks to prepare. I think we are doing another this year too. So let the craziness begin!!!

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