Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My First Tote Bag

My machine had a small problem. I caused a needle to break because on the last red and white apron I made, I sewed through some thick fabric and the needle just wasn't cut out for that tough job. So it broke and I replaced it and went much slower on my next project.

I am about two weeks into sewing and I sewed my first tote bag today. It's meant for a little girl, and I used the same fabric that I used to make this apron you see in my older post. I try to use up as much fabric that I can, since fabric can be pretty pricey. I still have some of it left and I plan to try to make a few more crafts with it, maybe a little zip up bag. I want to experiment with adding zippers to fabric. I am about to experiment with adding snaps, also.

Here is my tote bag. I even sewed a little pocket inside of it!

If you don't have a Halloween bucket or bag to use, these would be a cute idea--just get some Halloween fabric and sew away! You can put lots of candy in these!


  1. So glad to see that you tried a bag! That fabric was meant for it!

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